Saturday, May 30, 2015


6-8 Alexander Dr
EH11 2RH
Open: Tues-Sun
Espresso, V60
Coffee: Charlie Mills
Also: Light meals, cakes, V60s & filters
Free wifi
Coolness: Hand-made home furnishings, bags, cards & jewellery

Greenshoots (4♥) is just off Gorgie Road in South West Edinburgh and is a very nice spot indeed. By 'nice' we mean thoughtful, friendly, passionate, carefully curated and artisanal.

Talking about the coffee first... Greenshoots offers espresso and pour over using Glasgow-based Charlie Mills beans to suit, delivered in the roaster's charmingly retro blue cups. We very much enjoyed our flat whites and trying a new (to us) roaster. The barista brought out the chocolatey caramel fullness of the Charlie Mills' signature 'Tip-Top' espresso blend, which finishes with a light citrusy flavour but doesn't jar with the well-stretched milk. Greenshoots also had two bean choices for pour-over. Altogether a very pleasureable coffee experience.

On the food front you can expect a changing menu of cakes/scones and creative light meals, including quiches and sandwiches, using high quality produce and local suppliers. In keeping with everything else, the food is interesting and well-made.

And then there's the rest of the shop which is also a delight (and quite large). Owner Lynn and manager Rebecca (pictured) present you with a wide range of hand-made goods, some of which have been specifically commissioned, from artists and artisans. You'll find cushions, hand bags, gift cards, clothing, crockery, jewellery, soaps and soft furnishings. The more you look, the more you find and a browse is highly recommended.

Greenshoots is a lovely spot that we're really hoping will continue to do well. It is also another example of Edinburgh's coffee love expanding beyond the city centre which is a great sign!

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