Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pekoe Tea Stockbridge

55 Raeburn Pl
Open: Tues-Sun
Espresso, v60
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Cakes, tea & coffee equipment
Coolness: Huge selection of teas

Pekoe Tea Stockbridge (4♥) is jammed full of lovely containers of tea from all over the world and staffed by friendly and inviting people. You can also pick up artisan Chocolate from Edinburgh's Chocolate Tree as well as the Marshmallow Lady's high end marshmallows, among other delights.

They've got quite a bit of coffee (and tea) making equipment too, focusing on non-espresso coffee including stovetop, pour-over and hand grinders.

While much of their clientele is purchasing beans, kit or tea to take home, there are a couple of stools at the front window and along the serving bench as well as some tables and chairs at the back, for those who want to sit in to enjoy their beverages and cake.

Pekoe's is using Glasgow-based Dear Green coffee to create a very nice cup, matching the lovely surroundings.

There's something instantly calming about being surrounded by beautifully packaged high end, ethically sourced tea. Sitting in this lovely space to relax helps to offset the caffeine jolt the great coffee gives you!


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