Saturday, November 22, 2014

Machina Espresso

2 Brougham Pl
Open every day
Espresso, Chemex
Coffee: High quality guests
Also: Soups, cakes, beans
Coolness: Beautiful coffee equipment a stones throw from The Meadows

Machina Espresso (5♥) is one of Edinburgh's best, on all coffee fronts. Coffee to drink, coffee beans to buy and coffee making equipment in a variety of shapes and forms.

Located just past Tollcross as you head out of town and very near The Meadows, Machina Espresso is friendly and passionate.

They use an ever-increasing variety of roasters and small batches and you can choose your preferred brewing method and beans with a handy blackboard that explains it all from steeping through pour over and on to pressure/vacuum. The baristas are very happy to explain things to you and genuinely want you to enjoy coffee which is great for two reasons:

1 - You'll get a great coffee while you're there. you might like to try something new (brew method or bean variety) or an old favourite but it'll be great coffee.

2 - You can get everything you need for home brewing in all shapes, sizes and budgets. These guys are coffee equipment suppliers for private and commercial use so offer a wide variety of machines, some of which are very shiny and expensive but plenty that are more affordable.

Machina Espresso is definitely among Edinburgh's finest coffee shops and well worth the visit.


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