Thursday, February 19, 2015

Soderberg West End

31 Queensferry St
Open: Mon-Sat
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Baked items and beans
Coolness: Great variety of fresh loaves, scones, buns and cakes

Soderberg (3♥) is a bakery shop located in the West End near where the end of Princes Street meets Shandwick Place.

Owned by the same folk who own Peter's Yard, their buns, bread and sandwiches are many, varied and delightful. They offer a range of breakfast buns and scones as well as loaves of bread of different shapes, sizes and textures. And then they top up just before lunch with a range of high quality and fresh sandwich options to suit most folk.

They, like their sister shops, use Artisan Roast beans and have trained their baristas well. This is essentially a bakery shop that offers take-away service. There's one table with chairs if you're lucky enough to grab it, otherwise you'll need to get your coffee (and delectable breads) and run.

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