Sunday, March 15, 2015

Artisan Roast Stockbridge

100A Raeburn Pl
Open: Every day
Brew: Espresso, V-60, Chemex, Aeropress
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Beans, coffee-making kit, cakes, flowers
Coolness: Pick up beautiful flowers while you're there

Artisan Roast Stockbridge (5♥) is one of three Artisan Roast coffee shops in Edinburgh - the others are in Broughton Street and Bruntsfield.

The Stockbridge shop is a lovely combination of florist and coffee shop, teaming up with the Edinburgh Flower Company. The glass-fronted shop is warmly light industrial, mixing wooden floors and counters with grey walls and a black and chrome theme. Customers have a choice of high stools and tables at the front or a softer lounge feel toward the back. A bank of beautiful flowers are housed in a large fit-for-purpose florist fridge at one side of the shop with the florist's bench tucked away next to it.

The coffee itself is exceptionally made and they offer espresso-based, v60, aeropress and chemex coffees using their own bean selection for the brew method accordingly. Shoppers can buy beans to take home from their range and also buy from a small selection of coffee making kit.

Artisan Roast is one of Edinburgh's longest standing roasters and operates in Glasgow and supplies many a coffee shop with top notch wholesale beans. They're a passionate bunch and are active in the local coffee community with tastings, education events and have 'sharing of the coffee love' core to their being.


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