Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stag Espresso Warburton Gallery

1 Victoria St
Open every day
Coffee: J Atkinson & Co - Archetype
Also: Light meals, beans
Coolness: The building wow-factor and gallery

Stag Espresso at Warburton Gallery (5♥) is Richard Conway's second cafe, the first being at Dovecot Studios. They're also referred to as 'Stag 1' (Dovecot) and 'Stag 2' (Warburton).

Stag 2 is open every day and is on the entry level of a fantastic building in Edinburgh's Old Town: the India Buildings. The Gallery is open Wednesday to Sundays, is not-for-profit and was "founded with the aim of fostering the imagination, facilitating the creation of new art of the highest quality and enabling artists to experiment and take risks in their artistic practice, moving creative ideas to the fore" according to the website. If this type of contemporary art is your cuppa, so to speak, look no further.

Managed by friendly staff who serve up soups and a lovely array of cakes and other sweet, sticky edibles, it's also the perfect place to drop in for lunch or coffee.

As you can see from the pictures, the cafe is  a large, high ceilinged and wood panelled room with huge windows and a decorative ceiling. This Grade A listed building has been beautifully restored and has the wow factor for visitors and residents alike. Those 1860s-Scots-Baronial-and-Jacobean-office-block-designers really new what they were doing.

The coffee also has the wow factor and is lovingly prepared using J Atkinson & Co Archetype beans. (the Atkinson & Co description is: "deep aroma, full body and balanced sweetness with flavours of roasted nut, dark chocolate, caramel and a melon"). Pictured are two perfect flat whites that tasted as good as they look - temperature, micro-bubbles, balance, sheen and flavour.

This one's on the high rotation list!


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