Monday, April 13, 2015


155 West Port
Open every day
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Cakes and tarts to order
Coolness: Amazing array of cakes in a relaxed bohemian setting

Lovecrumbs (3♥) is famous for their cakes and tarts - check out @hellolovecrumbs on Instagram to see some of their beautiful creations. They also offer their own brand speciality teas, jams and salts.

The cafe is a large light room filled with eclectic wooden furniture some of which has been repurposed - for example an upright piano that is now a coffee bench. The floor is painted dark grey, the poles and ceilings distressed and 'antiqued' and decorative cornices crisp white. Those so inclined you can sit in the display window to enjoy their refreshments, others may wish to sit up to one of the many tables or on a couch.

The clientèle is equally mixed and all are welcomed by friendly staff.

They use Artisan Roast Janszoon blend coffee and offer the usual suite of espresso-based options.


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